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This is the motto for Brazilian Dance Company.

This company was formed to challenge the misconceptions of who can learn to samba and perform Brazilian style dances. No matter your skin color, size, dance ability, etc., we all share a need for a sense of community, healthy/physically active lifestyle, and a way to experience and express our joy. Samba does all of this!

Courtney is here to teach you not only how to learn a new skill, but to help you learn how to overcome challenges, build your confidence, and to work together as a team with like-minded people.

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BDC has returned From brazil!

​What does that mean for you? An enhanced learning and performance experience.

We are so happy to be back from our month-long journey. During that time, we trained hard, overcame daily challenges, met wonderful friends (who are now family), and had the honor to be a part of Rio samba schools (académicos do vigário Geral and Inocentes do Belford Roxo). We left as students and came back as muses and assistants! Now it is time to apply what we learned.

​if you have ever wanted to learn how to samba or wish to return to samba, here is your chance. We have exciting things happening this year and would love for you to be a part of it. Also, BDC will be available to hire for samba events throughout the inland empire. Contact Musa Courtney at 951-399-2933.



Courtney “Jabuticaba” Carter

Courtney “Jabuticaba” Carter began her samba career in 2006 at UC Davis under the instruction of Marta Santos (Sacramento, CA) where she learned samba no pe (samba on the feet) basics. In that same year, she graduated from college and moved to San Diego County, where she joined Super Sonic Samba School (San Diego, CA). At Super Sonic, Courtney was formally trained in samba performance including samba no pe, samba Reggae (northeastern Brazilian style with strong African influence), Maculele , Afro-Brazilian education and performance, and the smooth dance style of the “malandro”. Her instructors included Leo Francisco (San Diego), Laura Anderson (Bay Area), and Monique Guzman (San Diego).

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